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Hütte – Ribia

This is an authentic Swiss Alpine mountain hut at 2000 meters, traditionally used by hunters  when they couldn't return to their village at night. Up here we leave civilization behind. Note that the hut cannot be rented exclusively.


The hut has wool blankets, pillows, 12 floor mattresses in one room, a toilet, and a dining room with fireplace and kitchen including running water and gas stove. You will need to bring your sleeping bag! There is cellphone reception and just enough electricity to power 2 small lights and charge your phone.

Soft drinks are available for 4 CHF, wine bottles for 10 CHF, use of the gas stove costs 5 CHF, and firewood costs 5 CHF. Coffee, sugar, and tea are provided for free. Salt, spices, pasta and oil are usually left behind by other guests but cannot be guaranteed.

You are responsible for leaving the place clean. As the hut is checked by staff only a few times every month, the condition that previous guests leave the hut in cannot be guaranteed.


You reach the hut by hiking almost 3 hours up from the valley floor, ascending just over 1000 meters. The trail well-maintained and doesn't require climbing skills, but it is steep in parts and should only be hiked by experienced hikers.

The hut is open year-round, but from November to mid-May it is often surrounded by snow. Visits in winter require snow shoes and are only appropriate for experienced winter  hikers. In winter the hut has no running water! You will need to melt snow in the kitchen for water.

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